"For all things we see and hear, learn and read, influence who we become."  

                                                                                                                          - Luzanne


A Sweet Breath of Life is 'GPS for the soul' - powerful healing for mind and body. 
Luzanne stirs up a kitchen table conversation with ego and soul, nudging the
reader to expose emotional culprits and resolve the muddled quandary,
"What is my purpose, my happiness?"              -Steve Staloch, COO, Main Street Media


                                          *          *          *

If your happiness lies captive in a dream & discontent helps to define who you are,

when the path you've taken has become a circle, take A Sweet Breath of Life
and watch what happens.                 
       With this writing my soul purpose is to inspire you to take charge
      of your destiny.  I so want you to experience the contentment of 
      being happy with who you are.  Sometimes I feel my words are
      inadequate.  hope the essential message spurs you to act on the
      emotional frustrations in your life, that failure is not an option and
      a sweet life begins when soul gifts you with courage to surrender
      to happiness -Luzanne
The caterpillar transformed into a butterfly to experience happiness
             if nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies.
Are you ready 
            to have a conversation with your soul and change your life?

   Take A Sweet Breath of Life - and let the change begin. 

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