The "bio" of who I was and have become is told in A Sweet Breath of Life. 

Born in Ohio, I have lived in many places though not out of the States. 

I had a good education, learned many things, but not the essential for
a sweet, happy life.  I have lived many experiences and worked hard,
not smart.  Helping others to realize their potential gives me great


One of my proudest moments:  In 2002, Las Vegas honored me with

the "Most Encouraging Mother of the Year" award. 

I have two lovely daughters, a granddaughter, and a cat named Penuche.


Upon retirement, I decided to do what I most enjoyed through the years -

writing poetry, short stories, or any inspired thought that entered my

head.  Am now into my next writing.


My family and I live in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas is across the street).



p.s.  I welcome your comments ...